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Pink Cadillac TM

"A Place For Happy Feet"

2016 'MO' Award Winners

Best Dance Band

Australian Entertainment 'MO' Award Winners

For 2016 Best Dance Band

Ted Foster - Sound and Lighting Engineer - Foundation member of Pink Cadillac. Creator of name and logo (son of Liz and Chris Bond)

Ted was primarily a drummer for 20 years but also played guitar to write original compositions of various genres of music. While a drummer he played several country music and blues festivals and eventually made a permanent switch from drums to guitar at the age of 28. He then was a member of blues / hard rock band PAEN for which he wrote over 70 original songs. He then toured Australia performing in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra and various other venues throughout NSW with heavy metal band Aeturnus Dominion. Other than performing and writing music he also has a passion for audio engineering, graphic design and football.